PAC 126 Cardio Kickboxing 1

PAC 126 Cardio Kickboxing 1

High intensity group workout set to motivational music and combining skills and techniques from boxing, kickboxing, and other martial arts.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Participated in a high percentage of the daily workout activities
  • Acquired necessary skills to participate in a similar cardio kickboxing class
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the main muscle groups of the body and exercises that focus on each
  • Demonstrated proper form of the basic cardio kickboxing skills.
  • Demonstrated safe and proper resistance training form
  • Identified how much physical activity is needed for general health benefits
  • Progressed towards a lifestyle of consistent participation in physical activity

Course Content

  • Classes will consist of aerobic exercise and drills. The aerobic portion is organized into combinations of punches, kicks, and other exercises to induce a low to moderate level of intensity and a high degree of skill development.
  • Drills include movements such as side shuffles, squats and jumps, as well as punches and kicks, to induce a moderate to high level of intensity with less emphasis on skill development.