PAC 178 Fly Fishing 1

PAC 178 Fly Fishing I

PAC 178 Fly Fishing 1

Casting and fishing techniques, lure making, equipment selection, terminology, and regulation for fishing in Oregon's marine environment.


Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrated fundamental concepts of fly fishing including: Casting and line management, Knot tying
  • Identified needed and appropriate equipment for participation
  • Identified and Applied angling etiquette and safety preparation
  • Identified and selected appropriate fly’s for specific environments
  • Participated in water awareness, including: observation, approach, and reading water patterns
  • Prepared for and Participated in a Day Field Experience
  • Through regular and sustained engagement, demonstrate the knowledge, skill, and ability to participate in a selected physical activity for health, fitness, sport, or recreation.


Course Content

  • Fundamental Concepts of Fly Fishing: Casting & Line Management, Equipment & Knots
  • Angling customs and safety: Etiquette
  • Fly selection: Aquatic Macro-invertebrate Ecology, Attractor Patterns
  • Observation, Approach, and reading water
  • Expedition: 8 Hour capstone Trip
  • Conservation and Sustainability Philosophies


Topic Schedule



Week 1

Casting and Line management

Week 2

Casting and line management

Week 3


Week 4

Ethics and Safety

Week 5

Fly Selection

Week 6


Week 7

Observation, approach & reading water

Outdoor Recreation
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