PAC 137 Dance: Ballet 2

PAC 137 Dance: Ballet 2

PAC 137 Dance: Ballet 2

Ballet II builds upon the technical and artistic skills introduced in Ballet I. The class includes additional, challenging components of a standard ballet curriculum, such as increased demi pointe work at the barre & in the center, barre & center adagio, various turns at the barre and in the center, and a wider repertoire of petit allegro.

Ballet II features a strong focus on petit and grand allegro in center work, and each term a different ballet jump is selected as the featured step that is learned in its most basic form, as well as more complicated variations. Featured steps in Ballet II have included the numerous different forms of Assemblé, Jeté, and Sissone

There will be an in-class final exam in which students will perform 2-4 petit and grand allegro combinations for the instructor and their classmates; these combinations will showcase different forms of the featured ballet step for the term.

Performance opportunities are sometimes available for interest Ballet II student, who are able to commit to rehearsals outside of the Ballet II class times. Instructor will notify students of any upcoming performance opportunities.

Unless there is a scheduling conflict, Ballet II classes feature live piano accompaniment by David Feinberg, a professional musician, and PAC Ballroom & Social Dance Instructor.

PREREQS: Ballet I or previous ballet experience.

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