Be sure to also check advising FAQ and the policies page.

Students can view their registration time in their MyOregonState.

Go to the Student tab and click on View Priority Registration Status in the Registration Tools box.

Log in to your MyOregonState.

You’ll find MyDegrees under the Student tab, in the top-left corner.


Students need to enroll themselves for every course they want to take.

No, your advisor will not email you the PIN.

Registration PINs are always posted in a student’s MyDegrees for safe keeping. That way they are not lost in email.

All course information, including class availability, can be found in the course catalog. You’re encouraged to bookmark this page.

Many classes have restrictions that prevent you from enrolling in them. For example, some courses are reserved for students in programs like INTO or CAMP. Others won’t allow you to enroll until you’ve completed the pre-reqs with a certain grade.

To view class restrictions, please look up the course in the course catalog class search.

Some classes are restricted to only students within certain majors. For KIN, NUTR, PH, or HDFS classes, you may need to submit a class override. For other classes, please contact your academic advisor.

Look through the entire list of BAC Core courses. You can also look up BAC Core course availability in the course catalog class search.

Students are only allowed to add up to 16 credits in Phase 1 of registration.

If you want to add more than 16 credits, you’ll need to wait until Phase 2 of registration.

Classes can only be waitlisted in Phase 2.

Here's a video showing how you can waitlist a class.

  Note, you can only waitlist a maximum of 3 courses.