What’s the minimum grade policy?

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What’s the minimum grade policy?

A grade of C– or higher is required for all courses in a student’s undergraduate program of study.

This includes all courses and associated prerequisite courses in your undergraduate program of study for a major, minor or certificate as listed in the course catalog.

Some programs have additional grade and/or GPA criteria, which must be met in addition to this grade policy.

Baccalaureate Core courses are not subject to this policy unless they serve as courses required in or prerequisites for a student's major, minor or certificate.


The college's major in Kinesiology does not accept third-course attempts taken at OSU or transferred in from other institutions to meet individual course requirements within the Kinesiology major.

Third or subsequent attempts taken prior to fall term 2014 may be considered to meet major program of study requirements. Kinesiology and Athletic Training majors stopped allowing third or subsequent course attempts effective Fall term 2013.

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Aug. 16, 2021