Can I change to a different academic advisor?

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Can I change to a different academic advisor?

Yes, it is possible to change your assigned academic advisor.

But first consider the following:

  • Remember that you will work with many kinds of people in your career. Staying with your advisor is good practice for learning how to work effectively with people who may be a bit different from you.
  • Give your advisor a few chances. Meet a couple of times and let your advisor know what you are looking for in an advisor and what you need from them. Give your advisor the opportunity to work with you to help meet those needs.

If you still are not able to find a way to work well together:

Schedule a meeting with the head advisor. If your assigned advisor is the head advisor, then request a meeting with the head advisor’s supervisor.

The meeting will provide an chance for you to explain why a change of advisor might be a good idea. Your situation will be heard and carefully considered. We are cautious about making changes, but also understand that sometimes there are sound reasons to change, and a re-assignment can be best for all involved.

If a change of advisor is approved, you will be assigned to a new advisor and the change will be reflected in MyDegrees.

Feel free to contact the Office of Student Success if you need help scheduling a meeting.

Last Modified
Jan. 6, 2022