College of Health

A mentorship program for leadership development

College mentorship program

CATALYST is a mentorship program that pairs College of Health students with working professionals.

As a student, you’ll network with professionals, explore career opportunities and develop your leadership abilities.

As a mentor, you’ll influence the success of young professionals, share your insights and turn learners into leaders.

Eight reasons why you should have a career mentor

Having a mentor who is a working professional can bring clarity to your career path.

They can also help you:

  • Identify your own personal strengths, values and development areas.
  • Learn how to communicate and present yourself in the professional world, which can vary by discipline and organization.
  • Learn about various career options that you haven’t yet considered.
  • Develop your leadership skills in and out of school.
  • Learn about internships or other experiential opportunities.
  • Learn what the typical working day looks like in a particular job or field.
  • Develop your resume, interviewing and networking skills.
  • Gain insights into new areas of interest, organizations and opportunities.

How the mentorship program works 

After being matched with a mentor who has similar career interests, for nine months you’ll:

  • Have a monthly one-hour meeting in person or online with your mentor from October to May.
  • Work through professional readiness and leadership development topics and exercises in Canvas.

Learn more and apply

How to earn credit (or not)

If you want to earn credit, complete specified requirements and work toward academic project credit (1 credit per term of H206 or KIN206).

If you do not want or need academic credit, you can participate in the non-credit leadership development option (HHS 002).

Additional details can be found on the requirements page