What’s the maximum retake policy?

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What’s the maximum retake policy?

Beginning fall 2021, more than two attempts will be permitted to earn the required grade for a major/option or minor.

The policy applies to Ecampus, Cascades campus, or Corvallis campus majors/options and/or minors in:

  • Human Development and Family Sciences (HDFS)
  • Public Health (PH)
  • Nutrition (NUTR)
  • Health Management and Policy minor
  • Environmental and Occupational Health minor
  • Gerontology certificate


  • An attempt comprises a final grade in a course earned at OSU or another college or university, where the grade is: A, A–, B+, B, B–, C+, C, C–, D+, D, D–, F, S, U, P, NP or an I/Alternate Grade (where the Alternate Grade is one of these grades). See Academic Regulation 20: Repeated Courses.
  • Applies to students who declared a College of Health major at any time.
  • Students planning to apply to a health profession, or any other graduate program are advised NOT to take courses required for admission multiple times. Multiple attempts at a course will negatively impact their ability to gain admission to a graduate program.
  • Students in the Dietetics option should not take degree-required courses multiple times since multiple attempts at a course will negatively impact their ability to find a Dietetic Internship.
  • Students who change their major to Kinesiology from HDFS, PH, or NUTR major will NOT be allowed to apply the third attempt at a course to earn the required grade for the major/option without an approved petition.
  • Students are responsible for informing their advisor once they have earned the passing grade for a course. Once notified, the advisor may enter a force complete for the requirement.
  • The above policy change is NOT retroactive. Grades earned for courses before Fall 2021 will fall under the former policies.

Second graded attempts should be retaken where they were taken originally.

If you plan to repeat a course please see OSU Repeated Courses.

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Aug. 16, 2021