Nutrition PhD student directory

PhD student directory

Nutrition Graduate Program

The following students have chosen to share their research and study interests. This directory does not represent every doctoral student in the program.

  • Oyefunmilayo Amoda

    Funmi’s research focuses on the relationship between diet, hypertension, and dietary management. She is particularly interested in conducting epidemiological research to understand how dietary factors contribute to the development and management… see full profile

  • Paige Jamieson

    Paige’s research interests include food-health interactions at various levels of complexity that play a role in the etiology of lifestyle diseases. She is more specifically interested in nutrient and phytochemical interactions that play a role in… see full profile

  • Michael P. Murphy, MS, RD

    Michael’s research focuses on examining the personal, social, and environmental determinants of health supportive behaviors. As a researcher, Michael aims to identify and describe nutrition and physical activity messages in influential mediums,… see full profile

  • Md Atikur Rahman, MS

    Atikur’s research interests include structure-function relationship of food components to human health. Currently, his research focuses on antimicrobial and bifidogenic activity of peptides released in the simulated gastro-intestinal digestion of… see full profile

  • Brianne Wai

    Brianne is a PhD student in Dr. Dallas’s lab. Her research focus is on proteins and peptides in human milk and their potential for bioactivity. Currently she is investigating the retention of bioactive proteins and release of bioactive peptides… see full profile

  • Jillien Zukaitis

    Jillien is a PhD student in Nutrition. Currently, Jillien’s research explores the bioactivity of proteins and peptides found in human milk, with a focus on preterm infants. Currently, she is working to develop new methods to simulate human… see full profile


This directory does not represent every alumni from the program.

  • John Bouranis, PhD '23

    I hold a Ph.D. in Nutrition with a minor in Biological Data Science with a focus on 'omics'-level big data. My research focused on identifying better biomarkers of food intake and understanding the role of the gut microbiome in the generation of… see full profile
  • Lauren Chan PhD, RD, LDN '23

    Recent PhD graduate in Nutrition from Oregon State University, investigating the impacts of nutrition therapies and exposures on reproductive health using semantic knowledge integration. Research projects include ontology curation, data… see full profile
  • Lara H. Sattgast, PhD

    Lara is interested in the effects of nutrition and lifestyle factors on bone health. Her graduate research focused on (1) the relationship between IGF-1, bone turnover, and bone marrow adiposity in a non-human primate model of voluntary ethanol… see full profile
  • Melinda H. Spooner, PhD

    Melinda, while a doctoral student, was interested in the use of nutritional supplements as therapies for chronic diseases, especially those involving inflammation. Her projects focused on understanding the progressive nature of Western diet-induced… see full profile