Dietetic Internship FAQ


Dietetic Internship at Oregon State University

Where’s the best place to live?

The program sponsor is OSU on the Corvallis campus. However, most rotations are not in Corvallis and may involve a commute regardless of where you might choose to live. During applicant interviews, information about living location and rotations, and commuting is discussed. Flexibility is an advantage.

How much commuting is involved?

All interns will have some commuting; interns can expect to commute for about 50% of the year. We try to minimize commuting by suggesting living locations to the incoming intern class. Interns in past years have also stayed with each other on occasion to decrease commuting.

Where do dietetic internship graduates work?

OSU placement for graduates is solid. In previous years many interns have jobs within 2 weeks of graduation and some had jobs before they finished the internship! We have graduates working all over in community, clinical and in foodservice.

How is the dietetic internship different from other internships?

OSU places interns in a minimum of 6-7 rotations sites and graduates describe the variety of rotations a program plus. The exposure allows interns to find real opportunities to explore their professional interest and direction.

What’s the pass rate for the RD exam?

We are proud of our 96.7% first-time RD pass rate for the past 9 years.