Intern qualifications and characteristics sought

The program faculty evaluates each candidate’s packet for the selection of interns on the basis of:

  • Evidence of academic achievement
  • Oral and written communication
  • Professional, volunteer and work experience showing commitment, advancement and accountability
  • Self-direction (ability to set goals, organize and work independently)
  • Leadership abilities (elected offices, leadership recognition by peers)
  • Ability to perform under pressure (flexibility, priority setting, stamina, reaction to stress, ability to balance daily activities)
  • Interpersonal skills (self-perception, self-confidence, ability to work with others).


Selection criteria

Candidate’s application packets are initially screened for the following minimum requirements. Failure to meet this automatically eliminates the candidate:

  • a 3.0 GPA overall
  • a 3.2 GPA in professional DPD courses
  • GRE scores (required only if applying to MS/DI)
  • an original signed Verification Statement within 5 years post Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) completion
  • Applicants with a felony conviction will be disqualified due to rotation site requirements


Eligible candidates selection criteria

Packets are evaluated by these ranked criteria (from highest to lowest priority):

  • Grades, including grades earned in science courses
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Applicant Personal Statement (see requirements below)
  • Paid work experience, tenure in positions, increasing work responsibility
  • Evidence of leadership and professional commitment
  • Extracurricular activities

The DI director and coordinator conduct Skype interviews for candidates screened to have met a minimum score, which is determined each year based on total applicant numbers.

Applicants with Verification Statements from an accredited DPD older than 5 years at the time of application must contact the dietetic internship Director about what is necessary to demonstrate recency of education. That may include additional coursework or another mechanism which will be determined on an individual applicant basis.


Application procedures

(Following DICAS System and Instructions)


  Read carefully as we have some unique requirements that differ from the general instructions in DICAS

Submit a complete Dietetic Internship Centralized Application System (DICAS) application packet made up of the following items by the deadline posted for DICAS (typically around February 15):


Different from DICAS

1) In our requirement for the DICAS Personal Statement please address only the following in 1000 words or less (do not answer the standard DICAS questions):

  • How is food related to dietetics practice?
  • What is the role of the dietitian in facilitating clients or patients to change their eating behavior?
  • How is the dietetic internship program specifically suited to you and your professional interests?

2) When you mail your fee to OSU, include a hard copy collection of 3 different examples of what you consider to be your best dietetics-related class assignments/projects/papers.

  • Try to include a variety of examples such as presentations, research papers, menu/recipe/food-related projects, a case study, etc.
  • Please include these examples with your mailed application fee (see below).

3) Application and Transcript Evaluation Fee* of $50

  • Payable to: OSUDI
  • Mailed to: Mary Cluskey, Nutrition, School of Biological and Population Health Sciences, OSU, 200 Milam Hall Corvallis OR 97331.
  • This is separate from fees paid to DICAS and D&D Digital.
  • *DICAS applications received by DICAS deadline without receipt of Transcript Evaluation fee by OSU will not be reviewed.
  • Please indicate in your mailed packet whether you are interested in applying to the OSUDI, the MS/DI, or both programs


As instructed on DICAS

4) The Dietetic Internship Application - completed through the DICAS portal

5) Official Transcript(s) sealed in official envelope – submitted through DICAS

6) Three letters of recommendation (at least two DPD faculty) – submitted through DICAS

7) Signed Verification Statement for DPD or Declaration of Intent for Completion – submitted through DICAS


The DICAS application must be completed by the deadline specified on the DICAS website.

The dietetic internship participates in the D&D Digital Computer Matching. Please provide D&D Digital the following information by registering at

  • Dietetic Internship preference list and release information
  • A separate payment to D&D Digital Systems for $50.00 by their specified deadline.

Submit D&D Digital required materials trough

Other contact information for D&D Digital:

D&D Digital Systems
304 Main St., Suite 301
Ames, IA. 50010-6148
Phone: (515) 292-0490
Fax: (515) 663-9427


Failure to submit matching information disqualifies candidates from the internship selection process.

The top candidates are ranked by the dietetic internship selection committee and their names are sent in to the D&D Digital Computer Matching for selection of finalists. Follow instructions on the D&D website regarding your placement results. The process will be conducted so that student’s rights are protected and the non-discrimination policies of the program are maintained.


Program Director
Mary Cluskey, Ph.D., RDN

Clinical Coordinator
Michelle Bump, MS, RD, CSR, LD