MS in Nutrition

MS in Nutrition

Nutrition graduate program

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Master your understanding of human nutrition

The Master of Science in Nutrition at Oregon State will prepare you, through coursework and research, to address key challenges to human health.

Nutrition research

As a nutrition master's student, you will apply the specific skills and knowledge you gain in coursework to projects conducted under the direction of knowledgeable, welcoming and nationally recognized faculty who are contributing exciting discoveries to the field, while improving the quality of life for individuals, families and communities in Oregon, the nation and world.

Faculty study a broad range of areas, including:

  • the biology of human and animal milks
  • neuroendocrine regulation of body weight and bone metabolism
  • antioxidants and gene expression in cancer prevention
  • food security
  • school and community nutrition education programs
  • nutrition education games
  • the role of diet in metabolic diseases
  • nutrition epidemiology
  • sustainable protein sources to combat child malnutrition

Faculty contact information and a detailed description of the nutrition research being conducted at Oregon State may be found on each laboratory’s webpage

Graduate student handbook

Detailed information about degree requirements and coursework

Lauren Chan

Lauren Chan, MS, RD, LDN

“From the high-quality coursework, to opportunities to grow skills in teaching and grantsmanship, I am proud to have already been part of 12 publications and multiple funded grants. My training has set me up for a successful future, and I cannot thank the nutrition department enough for their commitment to my education.”

Careers in nutrition

After completing the Master of Science in nutrition, you will be able to synthesize and communicate knowledge in your field of study; identify central issues, problems and research priorities in your field of study; and design, conduct, interpret and communicate original research.

Graduates find employment as researchers and teachers at universities, researchers and leaders in federal and state agencies (e.g., NIH, USDA, FDA) or companies in the nutrition and the food space. Completion of the MS in Nutrition will also prepare you to continue your education in PhD and other advanced degree programs.

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For questions about the application process and requirements, contact COH graduate admissions.

To talk about curriculum and life as a doctoral student, contact our graduate program manager Rafael Arroyo


For academic or professional information specific to the nutrition doctoral program, please contact the Program Director David Dallas, PhD

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