Nutrition in Foodservice, Culinary and Food Systems

Nutrition undergraduate option

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The Nutrition in Foodservice, Culinary and Food Systems degree option will prepare you for a career directing foodservice operations focused on serving healthy options using local ingredients.  

You’ll do meaningful work that centers on providing nourishing food to those who need it.

Meet the demand for healthy food options.

Choose one or both tracks

Food Systems Track  

  • Food systems majors learn about the food system and how food and foodservice contribute to climate change, as well as demands for water and waste disposal.
  • Courses range from preserving land, water and fisheries, to examining the policies and economics of changing our food system.

Culinary Track  

  • Integrates course work taken at Oregon State and the Culinary Arts program at Linn-Benton Community College.  
  • Culinary majors learn about food operations and preparing healthy, trendy foods that consumers demand.
  • You’ll also learn how to cook professionally, develop and modify recipes, write healthy menus, provide customer service and create food concepts.

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What will you do with the nutrition in foodservice, culinary and food systems option?

Solve food security challenges for a community. Ensure school kids get healthy meals to help them thrive.

Do work that strives to augment the food system to produce healthy, sustainable food choices for all. Help grow and produce food with human health, environmental conservation and food security in mind.

Foodservice has a consistent demand for professionals, and sustainability jobs are rapidly growing.


Start with the nutrition in foodservice, culinary and food systems option option and become

Culinary Track
  • Food sales and distribution centers
  • College foodservice
  • Corporate restaurant offices
  • Hotel chains
  • Kitchen design
  • Nursing home
  • Restaurants
  • School foodservice
  • Wineries
Food Systems Track
  • Farms
  • Food banks
  • Food companies
  • Public health
  • State, national and global agencies and nonprofits
  • USDA Extension

Nuo Cheng

Nuo Cheng
Nutrition in foodservice, culinary and food systems student, culinary track

“The reason I'm in the nutrition in foodservice, culinary and food systems program is because of how passionate I am about food and people's wellness. I want to help people appreciate food as much as their overall well-being."

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