Program costs

The internship covers the cost of:

  1. Cost of classes and materials used in the internship (except texts, supplies or duplicating that interns opt to purchase and additional occasional project costs).
  2. Educational facilities and services provided by OSU, including areas for meetings, to study, and library & instructional media services at OSU and other rotation sites.

Student costs

Costs to student OSUDI Program
(internship only)
MS/DI Program
(combined internship/graduate degree)
DI application and transcript evaluation fee $50 $50
Graduate program application None $135
Tuition & Fees
(payable at start of each term, fall/winter/spring/summer)
$9000 for 2020-2021 class Estimated ~$30,000 for entire program; tuition and fees change each year - see Ecampus tuition calculator for current info.

Students who are not residents of Oregon will pay the same tuition cost for Ecampus coursework; however, they will pay higher non-resident tuition for ~6 hours of on campus coursework.

Admission fee $30 $75
Matriculation fee None $350
National criminal background check $60 $60
10-panel urine drug screen $50 $50
Medical exam, immunizations, titers, and TB testing if not current Up to $200 Up to $200
Transportation costs estimate $400-$800 $400-$800
Liability coverage $32 $32
Health insurance purchased through OSU (If do not have personal health insurance) $1900 $1900
Monthly apartment rental estimate, depends on location; other living expenses variable $600-$900 $600-$900
MS/DI students can choose to live outside of Oregon for first two terms of program
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics dues $50 $100 (2 years)
Oregon Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics meeting $150 (estimate) $300 (2 years)
Estimated texts and supplies $250 $500
Financial aid available?

All students are encouraged to apply for scholarships from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

No; interns will not qualify for student loans, but they are eligible for loan deferment of their existing student loans Yes, students will be eligible for student loans and OSU scholarships

Meals will be provided at the discretion of the rotation. Some rotations will provide meals at a reduced rate, some meals may be free and some rotations will ask the interns to provide their own meal.