Program costs

The internship covers the cost of:

  1. Cost of classes and materials used in the internship (except texts, supplies or duplicating that interns opt to purchase and additional occasional project costs).
  2. Educational facilities and services provided by OSU, including areas for meetings, to study, and library & instructional media services at OSU and other rotation sites.


Student costs

Costs to students include the following:

  • $50 Application and Transcript Evaluation Fee
  • $9,000 tuition/ fee charge for all accepted interns for the 2018-19 class year, payable in three increments at the start of fall, winter, and spring terms.
  • $30 OSU non-degree admission fee.
  • $60 National Criminal Background Check
  • $35-$50 Urine drug screen
  • Up to $200 for medical exam, immunization, titers, and tuberculosis testing if not current on these or if documentation is unavailable
  • $400-$800 Transportation cost estimate (bus is possible but not convenient)
  • $32 Liability insurance coverage cost estimate
  • $1,900 Health Insurance purchased through OSU Health Service Center (other options for health insurance may be available)
  • $600-900 monthly apartment rental estimate, depending on location. Other living expenses are variable.
  • $50 Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) dues
  • $150 (estimate) Oregon Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics meeting
  • $250 Estimated texts and supplies costs
  • Costs accrued while in other rotation sites become those of the student

Meals will be provided at the discretion of the rotation. Some rotations will provide meals at a reduced rate, some meals may be free and some rotations will ask the interns to provide their own meal.


Financial aid/load deferments

OSUDI does not provide any financial aid. Interns are encouraged to check with the Academy for potential scholarships and aid. The OSUDI director can write a letter for interns stating they are participating in a dietetic internship program as part of their dietetics education in an effort to obtain loan deferment(s).