DPD Program Description, Admission, Degree Requirements & Schedule

DPD Program Description, Admission, Degree Requirements & Schedule

Specific course requirements for the B.S. degree in Nutrition – Dietetics Option are outlined on the Dietetics Option Sheet.

Students pursuing the B.S. in Nutrition-Dietetics Option first enroll at OSU as Pre-dietetics majors. After completing at least 60 credits, including the prerequisites marked with # on the option sheet, students apply for acceptance into the Dietetics major, also called the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD), to complete the Dietetics option requirements.

Pre-dietetics course requirements

Course Number Course Title and Credits
BI 221 Principles of Biology (4)
CH 121 General Chemistry (5)
CH 122 General Chemistry (5)
CH 123 General Chemistry (5)
CH 331 Organic Chemistry (4)
MB 230 Introduction to Microbiology (4)
NUTR 104 Orientation to Nutrition and Food Management (1)
NUTR 240 Human Nutrition (3)
NUTR 241 Applications in Human Nutrition (1)
NUTR 325 Life Cycle Nutrition (3)
WR 121 English Composition (3)
PSY 202 General Psychology (3)


NUTR 325, NUTR 104, NUTR 240 and NUTR 241 are available at Oregon State or online via OSU Ecampus.

Completion of the Pre-dietetics option usually occurs in the first two academic years. The following are required for application and admission into the Dietetics major.

  1. Completion of 60 credits including all pre-requisite # coursework
  2. Completion of a minimum of 12 credits at Oregon State or through Oregon State Ecampus
  3. A GPA of 3.0 or higher overall and for the pre-requisite # coursework
  4. No nutrition grade (NUTR) lower than a B-
  5. No required course grade lower than a C-
  6. An unofficial transcript of all college level coursework
  7. A current resume
  8. A Career Interest and Goal Statement
  9. A typed, complete OSU Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) application for the current year bearing the signature of your academic advisor (link to application instructions and the form)

Applications are accepted during the first four weeks of spring term with a firm deadline of the Monday of week 5 (typically end of April). Students are notified regarding acceptance by the end of spring term. Once accepted, the Registrar’s office will be notified to change the student’s major code from Pre-dietetics to Dietetics. Acceptance into the DPD allows students to register for upper division Dietetics courses in food systems management, medical nutritional therapy, community dietetics and more. Students not accepted may reapply during any subsequent spring term. See the Frequently Asked Questions tab for more information about reapplication to the OSU DPD.


Year Plan for Completing DPD Coursework

Oregon State University schedules instruction on a quarter system. See the academic calendar for specific dates.

The Nutrition Degree Map shows the progression of the DPD required courses over 4-years. The degree map does not include electives or other baccalaureate degree requirements.

Plan to meet with academic advisors regularly to understand all options, schedule changes, and to assure all courses required for the B.S. Nutrition degree are included.

Dietetics Option Schedule for NUTR Courses (Tentative)

Dietetics Option Year 1

Fall Term

  • NUTR 307 Seminar (1 cr)
  • NUTR 235 Science of Foods (5 cr)
  • NUTR 439* Communications in Dietetics (WIC) (3 cr)

Winter Term

  • NUTR 319 Promoting Food & Nutrition (3 cr)
  • NUTR 423 Community Nutrition (4 cr)

Spring Term

  • NUTR 311 Food Service Production & Purchasing (4 cr)
  • NUTR 439* (3 cr) Communications in Dietetics (WIC)

Dietetics Option Year 2

Fall Term

  • NUTR 417 Human Nutrition Science (Macronutrients) (4 cr)
  • NUTR 430 Medical Nutrition Therapy 1 (4 cr)

Winter Term

  • NUTR 418 Human Nutrition Science (Micronutrients) (4 cr)
  • NUTR 431 Medical Nutrition Therapy 2 (4 cr)
  • NUTR 446 Managing Food & Nutrition Services (4 cr)

Spring Term

  • NUTR 407 Seminar (1 cr)
  • NUTR 432 Medical Nutrition Therapy 3 (3 cr)
  • NUTR 447 Management of Food Systems Lab (3 cr)

Course Notes

  • *NUTR 439 has limited enrollment as it is a WIC course. Students can take it either in fall or spring – whichever works best for their schedule. It must be taken in year 1 as it is a prerequisite for NUTR 430.
  • Students need to review MyDegrees to ensure they've covered all other required courses, e.g. BA 351 Managing Orgs, Stats, etc. In year 1, students typically have a large portion of their schedule committed to the A&P course series and labs.
  • KIN 324 Exercise Physiology is offered all quarters and has a prerequisite of the A&P series.
  • To enroll in NUTR 417 and NUTR 430 in year 2, students must have completed BB350 (or BB450+451), the A&P series, and NUTR 439. Additionally, BB 350 has a prerequisite of CH 332 and is only offered fall and spring terms. Students must work with their academic advisor to ensure they’re on track to finish all the prerequisite courses before fall year 2. Students at risk of falling behind should contact the DPD Director for support.