John Bouranis

John Bouranis

John Bouranis, PhD '23



I hold a Ph.D. in Nutrition with a minor in Biological Data Science with a focus on 'omics'-level big data. My research focused on identifying better biomarkers of food intake and understanding the role of the gut microbiome in the generation of dietary bioactive compounds. Utilized stable-isotope traced untargeted metabolomics I investigated the effects of cruciferous vegetable consumption on the human metabolome. Additionally, I utilized 16S rRNA sequencing and multi-omic integration to understand the complex interplay between the host, gut microbiome, and diet. My work on highly interdisciplinary teams including statisticians, microbiologists, computer scientists, geneticists, and immunologists yielded multipled publications.

Along with research, I have passion for teaching and have acted as instructor of record for three separate courses, managed a classroom of 70 students over Zoom, and have presented guest lectures on nutrition for classes of over 400 students.