School of Nutrition and Public Health

School of Nutrition and Public Health

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Welcome to the School of Nutrition and Public Health.

Our school is dedicated to improving health from cells to communities.

In our public health program, we work upstream to prevent disease, increase health equity for people and communities and solve some of the world’s greatest public health challenges.

In our nutrition program, we explore the science behind food and its impact on health.

Nutrition faculty and programs were formerly part of the School of Biological and Population Health Sciences (BPHS), and public health faculty and programs were divided between BPHS and the School of Social and Behavioral Health Sciences. Learn more about our college name change and restructuring.



School of Nutrition and Public Health
Waldo Hall 410
2250 SW Jefferson Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

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Recent publications

(This is not an exhaustive list. We are still rebuilding our database of faculty publications. Visit individual faculty profiles for more extensive lists of their publications.)


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