College renaming information


College renaming information

College of Health

The college is undergoing significant changes this year, including a change in structure and name.

We’re excited about these changes, which will position us to better adapt to student needs, societal changes and the needs of a changing health work force.

These changes will formally occur in July 2024, but we’ve already begun the transition.

Our new schools


The college has a long history of providing outstanding education, research, service, and engagement with people, families and communities throughout Oregon, the nation, and world. Our new college name and reorganization build on that record of excellence and provide new opportunities. We are excited about these changes, which will contribute to a bright future!

How these changes benefit students, faculty, and the college

  • Together, we will improve innovation, efficiency, synergy, cohesion, and flexibility.
  • The reorganization has been designed to provide opportunities to collaborate within and across schools and programs.
  • The reorganization is part of a broader strategy to create meaningful student experiences in the classroom and community, foster a healthy learning and working environment, and prepare students for meaningful careers in a changing workforce.
  • The name change and reorganization means that prospective students will more readily see themselves in our college, which is expected to increase enrollment.
  • Both the name change and reorganization have been designed to set the college up for a more sustainable future. OSU administration supports our new organization because they are confident it’s a better path forward to greater stability, strength, and financial independence.

What changes and what won’t

  • In July 2024, our official name will be the College of Health. We are beginning to use our new name now, but it will not be used across campus consistently until the 2024-25 academic year.
  • We are organizing from two schools into three.
  • Students in the college won’t experience any change to their degree plan, and their degree will be respected and valued by employers and colleagues alike.
  • The process is ongoing and will remain transparent. Regular communication is a key component of the transition.


  • Discussions about changing the college name and organization began in fall 2019 and gained traction when Dean Primack joined the college in June 2022.
  • The dean and the college’s administrative team held two listening sessions, conducted two collegewide surveys, explored various structures, and created a web page to share results from the listening sessions and surveys. They also talked with faculty and staff individually. They then submitted a proposal to OSU administration to reorganize into three schools and change the college name. We received approval to reorganize the college and begin transitioning to the new structure in May 2023. The transformation will be finalized by July 2024.