Reorganization info for students

College reorganization info for students

College of Health

The college has a long history of providing outstanding education, research, service and engagement with people, families and communities throughout Oregon and beyond.

Our new college name and reorganization build on that record of excellence and provide new opportunities. We are excited about these changes, which will contribute to a bright future!

Key facts

Here are some key facts about our new name and reorganization:

  • In July 2024, our official name will be the College of Health. We are beginning to use our new name now, but it will not be used across campus consistently until the 2024-25 academic year.
  • We are organizing from two schools into three. The two schools were the School of Biological and Population Health Sciences and School of Social and Behavioral Health Sciences. The three new schools have yet to be named but will include a school focused on 1) human development and family sciences, 2) kinesiology and 3) public health and nutrition.
  • Our accreditations are unchanged as we begin to reorganize.
  • You won’t experience any change to your degree plan, academic program, faculty or advisors. Your degree will continue to be respected and valued by employers and colleagues alike.
  • Together, we will improve innovation, efficiency, synergy, cohesion and flexibility.
  • The reorganization is part of a broader strategy to create meaningful student experiences in the classroom and community, foster a healthy learning and working environment, and prepare you for a meaningful career in a changing workforce.

Have questions?

Check out our FAQs and contact Kathryn Stroppel if you have a question that’s not answered here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What college name will show on my degree when I graduate?

The name CPHHS will still be used on your diploma if you graduate this year (AY22-23) or in the coming academic year (AY23-24). If you started your degree with the name CPHHS, you will have the choice beginning in summer 2024 of whether to use CPHHS or College of Health on your degree when you graduate.

Is there an advantage to using one college name or the other college name on my degree?

You have plenty of time to explore and consider the advantages of one name versus another on your degree. For most students, it will simply be a personal preference.

Why do I still see CPHHS in some places?

Although we will begin to use College of Health, you will continue to see CPHHS on various systems such as MyDegrees, Beaver Hub and the Catalog for up to another year as the transition will occur over time.

Are other colleges on campus part of the reorganization?

No. The changes are occurring within our college and do not involve other colleges on campus.