Global Health

Master's and Doctoral Degree Programs

You yearn for work that makes a difference and believe in the old adage that if you teach a person to fish, they will be fed for a lifetime.

You don't want to simply provide resources, you want to empower people. Because you understand that health sets the foundation for individuals to live their best life possible.

Global public health professionals take on communities' most pressing health challenges. They work with underrepresented populations and strive to alleviate health disparities across the world. Globally, medically vulnerable people face infectious, tropical, chronic and non-infectious disease, and the health threats don't stop there. Age-related illness, mental health issues and health-related consequences from violence and war are everyday realities.

Working for women worldwide

Across international boundaries and vastly different cultures, women face the threat of sexual violence and issues of gender equality and empowerment. Ph.D. student and MPH alumna Meghan Fitzgerald has seen it firsthand. More importantly, she is doing something about it. See how.