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You yearn for work that makes a difference and believe in the adage if you teach a person to fish, they will be fed for a lifetime.

You don't want to simply provide resources, you want to empower people, because you understand that health sets the foundation for individuals to live their best life possible.

Global public health professionals take on communities' most pressing health challenges. They work with underrepresented populations and strive to alleviate health disparities across the world.

Globally, medically vulnerable people face infectious, tropical, chronic and non-infectious disease, and the health threats don't stop there. Age-related illness, mental health issues and health-related consequences from climate change, violence and war are everyday realities.


"Our mission is without borders, and our program prepares you for your future as soon as you step foot in the classroom."

Professor Chunhuei Chi

Global public health jobs

Graduates from our global health program go on to work in diverse roles, including international program consultants, community program managers, and project officers at international NGOs.

They work in a variety of settings around the world, from local social justice and human rights-based organizations to the United Nations and its affiliated agencies.

Global health program stories

  • Jackie Leung advocates for improving maternal health equity

    College of Health doctoral student is committed improving the health and well-being of Micronesian mothers and families.

  • Protecting LGBTQ people from the health risks of social isolation

    But social isolation is not just a problem for older people. Youth depend on many different support systems – ­ family, schools, clubs, religious organizations – to shape their sense of self-worth, said Jonathan Garcia, an associate professor at Oregon State University.

  • MPH alum will use his two passions –storytelling and politics –to write his future in government

    Nate Capener, MPH ’22, is set to begin a prestigious Presidential Management Fellows Program. Although he’ll be working at the highest levels of government, he says it’s equally important for public health practitioners to work in communities of every size.

  • Pandemic reaches 'watershed' moment, with end of mask mandate

    For some people, the policy change may mean a return to business as usual, while others may want to continue masking up, public health officials said Friday. “There are people who may still need to be protected,” said Chunhuei Chi, professor of the Global Health Program at Oregon State University.

  • Could omicron bring about the end of the pandemic?

    Doctor Chunuei Chi is a professor for global health at OSU. He says that other researchers might argue that more time needs to pass before we find out when COVID will hit that baseline — but he thinks that the omicron variant is going to be the wave that gets us there.

  • Coronavirus Today: Is it over yet?

    “We want to get to a place where we are no longer concerned about preventing infections, but instead worried about preventing severe symptoms and death,” Chunhuei Chi, director of the Center for Global Health at Oregon State University, told my colleague Deborah Netburn.

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