Global Health PhD student directory


PhD student directory

Global Health

The following students have chosen to share their research and study interests. This directory does not represent every doctoral student in the program.

  • Jackie Leung, JD, MS

    Jackie's research interests include maternal child health affecting the Micronesian and Pacific Islander communities, the lingering impact of domestic violence on women and children, and the role that community health workers play in health… see full profile

  • Susanna Park, MA

    Susanna has an interest in conflict and health and hopes to study mental health outcomes among Syrian refugee children who have been transitioned or born into the conflict.

  • Divya Reddy, MPH

    Divya's research interest focuses on educating the adolescent population about various aspects of sexual and reproductive health issues.

  • Kristen Pinchun Yang, MS

    Kristen utilizes nutritional perspectives to the study of Indian malnutrition.


This directory does not represent every alumni from the program.

  • Laura Arntson, PhD, MPH

    Laura's research interests included community- and household-level resiliency, and the role of social capital and social networks in antiretroviral treatment adherence in an era of task-shifting in low-resource rural settings in sub-Saharan Africa… see full profile
  • Courtney Jost, PhD

    Courtney is originally from Gig Harbor, Washington and holds a Masters degree in Public Health (Concentration: Global Health) from Oregon State University and a Bachelors degree in Health Promotion and Education from the University of Utah.
  • Julia M. Lehnert, PhD, RN

    Julia’s intent to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy degree specializing in Global Health is based on her longstanding commitment to public health. As a registered nurse, public health leader, community volunteer, family member and friend, she became… see full profile
  • Kindra McQuillan

    Kindra McQuillan's interest in global health ignited at the University of Montana, where she studied intersections between culture, the environment, and health for her BA in cultural anthropology. Working as a journalist several years later, she… see full profile
  • Briana Rockler, PhD, MPH

    Briana holds a Masters in Public Health with an emphasis in Nutrition from Kansas State University and a Bachelors degree in Biology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is from Boulder, Colorado. Before joining the Public Health PhD… see full profile
  • Deeksha Vasanth-Rao, PhD

    Accomplished Public Health Professional with over 3 years experience in program evaluation, data collection, and analysis. Skilled in using SAS, R for statistical work, and Dedoose for qualitative coding. Particularly proficient in stakeholder… see full profile