Divya Reddy

Divya Reddy, MPH

Divya Reddy, MPH

PhD Student

Academic interests

Divya's research interest focuses on educating the adolescent population about various aspects of sexual and reproductive health issues.


Divya Reddy holds a Master’s in Public Health degree from Oregon State University with a focus on Global Health. She also holds a Master’s degree in Hospital and Health Information Administration and Undergraduate degree in Ayurvedic Medicine from India.


Divya worked as a physician in India where she worked towards providing low-cost health care to the underprivileged community members. She also worked with the children between the age group 1-7 years and their parents in developing a better parent-child bond.

While in her Masters she got introduced to the Botswana Global Health Learning Internship Program and was part of the Sexual and Reproductive Health project during her internship where she found her passion.