Global Health Program Faculty

Primary faculty

Tammy Bray, Ph.D.

Tammy's research focuses on antioxidants and free radical metabolism in prevention of diabetes. She is also interested in the role of diets in gene expressions that influence the susceptibility to chronic diseases.

Chunhuei Chi, Sc.D., MPH

Chunhuei's research focuses on equitable and sustainable health development for low-income nations, health systems finance, national health care systems and universal health care.

Jonathan Garcia, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Jonathan works both globally and domestically on health disparities that emerge at the intersection of sexuality, gender and race. His work has focused on devising community-led approaches to social inclusion, HIV prevention and Hepatitis C treatment access, especially among Latinos and LGBT populations.

Stephanie Grutzmacher, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Stephanie's research focuses on food security, nutrition literacy and the development and evaluation of family, school and community-based nutrition education programs for low-income populations.

Sunil Khanna, Ph.D.
(Program Director)

Sunil's research interests include the complex interrelations of biology, culture, gender, ethnicity and health in South Asia and the United States.


Associated faculty

Jeff Bethel, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Jeff's research focuses on building adaptive capacity to address the health impact of occupational, environmental and natural hazards, particularly among vulnerable populations.

Perry Hystad, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Perry's research uses spatial exposure assessment methods to determine the chronic health effects associated with exposure to air pollution, including cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and cancer.

Molly Kile, Sc.D.

Molly's research interests are environmental, molecular epidemiology and global health. She is interested in understanding how exposure to chemicals in our environment influences maternal and child health. Specifically, she is interested in how chemical exposures in utero may alter epigenetic mechanisms that could contribute to chronic diseases later in life.

Laurel Kincl, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Laurel's research focuses on quantifying, communicating, and controlling occupational and environmental exposures to health and safety hazards with the goal to reduce adverse health outcomes.

Ellen Smit, Ph.D., RD

Ellen's research is focused on diet, metabolism and physical activity in relation to both chronic disease and HIV infection in diverse populations.

Courtesy faculty



Adjunct faculty