The Center for Global Health is a community of learning and service that brings together faculty, students and staff at Oregon State with alumni and partners around the world to generate knowledge that promotes equitable and sustainable health development solutions globally.

"Making small changes in the big world and big changes in small worlds."


Center for Global Health Seminar

The Asian Development Bank’s focus on reducing poverty in Asia

DATE:   February 19 (Tuesday)
TIME:   12 – 1 p.m.
PLACE:  Hallie Ford Center
Room: Tammy Bray Leadership (Rm. 115)

Jeremy Hovland, MA, JD grew up in Corvallis and attended Corvallis High School, graduating in 1970. He received his BA from Harvard College in 1974, with a magna cum laude in History.  He then received an MA in Asian Studies from Harvard in 1976 (spending a year as a research fellow at Kyoto University in Japan), and a JD from Harvard Law School in 1979.  After several years working with an international law firm in New York and Tokyo, and three years with an investment bank in Hong Kong, Mr. Hovland joined the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Manila in 1985. He remained at the ADB for the next 27 years, serving in a number of different capacities, including Assistant General Counsel, Chief of Cofinancing, Director General of Pacific operations, Secretary of the Bank, and General Counsel, until his retirement in 2012. Mr. Hovland also served as Interim General Counsel of the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development in Rome in 2014.


The College of Public Health and Human Sciences founded the Center for Global Health in 2014 with a mission to bring the Oregon State University community to the world, and to bring the world to the Oregon State community. The center serves as a platform to connect faculty and students with a range of international partners to develop innovative approaches to promote equitable population health around the world.

The Center for Global Health facilitates expertise across the OSU community to conduct research, initiate health development programs and projects, and develop innovative education and training programs in collaboration with international partners and communities. Our efforts are especially directed at strengthening the capacity of our partner communities across the world to promote community ownership of equitable and sustainable health development. While the center is focused on health development, our work is founded on an interdisciplinary approach to promote the health and general well-being of our partner communities.

The Center strives to make small changes in the world through collaborative efforts to improve health and well-being around the world. Our partners include non-government organizations (NGOs), community-based organizations, academic institutions, government agencies and UN agencies. At the same time, we commit to making big changes in small worlds through ongoing collaborations with our partners in targeted communities to promote comprehensive development in health and well-being and make major changes over the long term.

Our approach recognizes a responsibility to our global community, while rooting our work in the fundamental rights to human dignity and self-determination.

The Center for Global Health fulfills its mission through five key areas:

  • Conducting collaborative global health development projects and research
  • Training the next generation of leaders and professionals in global health
  • Providing innovative and appropriate technical assistance to the Center’s global partners
  • Participating in multi-way health development programming, education and training with our partners
  • Engaging the OSU community and connecting it with the world in collaborative efforts to promote global health