NGO Partner Contacts

NGO Partner Contacts

Center for Global Health

The Center for Global Health hosted its first NGO Panel on Jan. 28, 2015, featuring representatives from several non-governmental organizations offering research and internship opportunities for OSU students. Fieldwork sites range from Uganda and Sierra Leone to Puerto Rico and Nepal.

A partial list of contacts is listed below and will continue to be updated. For more information, please contact these organizations directly or send questions to the Center for Global Health at [email protected].


Community Health Collective

Contact: United States Liaison Sudy Storm, MPH and Midwife
[email protected]

In 2013, a group of stakeholders in the Jawei Chiefdom came together to create the Community Health Collective (CHC) -- an organizational vehicle with which to improve the health and living conditions of remote village populations in Sierra Leone. CHC is based on a social justice model that promotes equity and equality for all citizens regardless of their gender, religious preference or political affiliation. It was created to build collaborative networks that support the autonomy and right to self-determination of local populations and provide opportunities for research, internships and philanthropic projects with our international partners.


Global Nutrition Empowerment

Contact: Marie Long, MD, Chair
Phone: (503) 949-4504
[email protected]
GNE improves the health of young women and their babies by providing nutrition education and micronutrient supplements. Prevention of birth defects (neural tube defects) through the provision of preconception folic acid is the most important of the initiatives, but supplemental iodine, Vitamin A, zinc and iodine are also critical. Our program is sensitive to and respectful of agricultural, cultural and culinary practices. Female volunteer community workers are the backbone of this program and provide educational materials and distribute supplements for a fair daily stipend. GNE volunteers visit the program annually to provide additional learning materials and to participate in education and distribution.


World’s Children

Contact: Cassady Thomas, Program Director
Phone: (541) 230-1191
[email protected]

World’s Children is a humanitarian organization that works with carefully screened orphanages to provide a loving and nurturing environment where children with traumatic backgrounds can start a new life. We also work with two nursing colleges in India where we grant approximately 170 scholarships annually to impoverished students. World’s Children has created “The Healthy Child Handbook: A Guide to Childhood Wellness in Developing Countries.” We currently support four orphanages for HIV-affected children.