Graduate Program

Uncover the keys to optimal health and disease prevention by studying human movement and its effect on health.

The Oregon State kinesiology graduate program offers Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Master of Science (MS) degree programs.

As a graduate student in kinesiology, you’ll focus on the theoretical and practical study of physical activity (including exercise and sport) for the promotion of optimal health and disease prevention.



While your chosen area of concentration determines the focus of your studies, we value the benefits of interdisciplinary scholarship and provide ample opportunity for you to collaborate with faculty and peers.


You can select one of the following concentrations:

Biophysical Kinesiology

Includes subdisciplines such as biomechanics, exercise physiology and/or motor control.

This concentration encompasses the Exercise Physiology, Human Performance and Neuromechanics laboratories.


Psychosocial Kinesiology

Includes subdisciplines such as motor development, sport and exercise psychology and/or sociology of sport.

This concentration encompasses the Physical Activity and Public Health, Sport and Exercise Psychology, and Disabilities Research laboratories.


Kinesiology Research

As a kinesiology graduate student, you will apply the specific skills and knowledge you gain in coursework to projects conducted under the direction of faculty members with whom you share research interests.

Faculty contact information and a detailed description of the research being conducted may be found on each laboratory’s webpage.


Adapted Physical Activity Option

An option is a focused area of study designed to provide you with specialized knowledge, competence and skills. The Adapted Physical Activity option is available to students in the kinesiology major and will appear on your transcript.



For detailed information about degree requirements and, please view our Kinesiology Graduate Student Handbook (pdf)


Applying for Admission

More information for prospective and current students can be found in Students.


“Our students work alongside faculty with a range of expertise and use social, psychological, physical and biological approaches to address physical activity-related public health issues in diverse populations.” — Marc Norcross, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator


Graduate Assistantships and Scholarships

Graduate assistantships are available in teaching and research to highly qualified candidates. Graduate assistantship annual support ranges from $9,595-$22,176 based on assignment (and also includes a waiver of graduate tuition). Application forms and deadlines can be found in How to Apply and Fellowships.