Health Promotion and Health Behavior

Inspire behavior change to improve health and well-being

Changing behavior takes time and dedication, but quality of life can be improved at any age. Those drawn to health promotion and health behavior enjoy helping others and getting to the root of problems to find viable solutions.

Health promotion and health behavior specialists work to understand the social and behavioral influences at play in various communities, especially those with health disparities.

They dig deep to get at the root of issues. Whether it’s looking at living conditions, lifestyle choices or disease prevention, these important public health professionals use scientific evaluation to create real solutions to communities’ most pressing health challenges.

Katie Anthony
Internship lands CPHHS student her dream job at Intel. During her internship, she conducted her dissertation research on remote health monitoring among Latino heart failure patients and their informal caregivers. Read more.

Tony Lapiz, MPH
Alumnus Tony Lapiz '17 didn’t know much about the public health profession, but he knew he wanted to improve community health through policy. Read more.

Kari-Lyn Sakuma, Ph.D., MPH
Kari-Lyn Sakuma’s research looks at how new and emerging tobacco products are impacting African American youth and young adults. Read more.