HPHB Ph.D. student directory

Ph.D. student directory

Health Promotion and Health Behavior

The following students have chosen to share their research and study interests. This directory does not represent every doctoral student in the program.

  • Chandra Char, MPH

    Chandra Char’s work focuses on barriers and access to health services during the COVID-19 pandemic for people with disabilities. Her work specifically investigates experiences of adults with hearing loss utilizing health care. Chandra uses her… see full profile

  • Maddison Greaves, MS, RDN

    Maddison's research interests are around weight stigma and weight-based discrimination experienced in provider-patient interactions among clinically obese individuals. She is interested in which specific experiences contribute to weight-bias… see full profile

  • Maritza Leon Gutierrez, MPH

    Maritza's research interests focus on cancer prevention and screening among Latinas. She is analyzing data on risk perception among interval breast cancer survivors. She is currently working on two NIEHS funded studies including the Be Well Study… see full profile

  • Ashley Schuyler, MPH

    Ashley's research interests include the dissemination and implementation of sexual health interventions (e.g., HIV self-testing, PrEP), sexual violence in the military, the long-term effects of sexual trauma, and sexual health and trauma-related… see full profile

  • Nina Taylor, MPH

    Nina’s research interests are focused on weight stigma and weight bias.  More specifically, Nina aims to understand how social and cultural norms affect weight perceptions and influence disordered eating behaviors, especially in adolescents… see full profile


This directory does not represent every alumni from the program.

  • Eiman E. AlEissa, PhD, RDH

    Eiman’s research interests focus on community-based dental/oral health programs. She is currently assessing the translational process of school-based dental sealant programs in Oregon with emphasis on program challenges, adaptations, and problem-… see full profile
  • Zainab Alidina, PhD, MPH '23

    Multilingual global public health researcher with expertise in infectious diseases and sexual health in Eastern and Southern Africa. Highly skilled research and evaluation specialist with over 11 years of experience in global and domestic health… see full profile
  • Gulaiim Almatkyzy, PhD '23

    Gulaiim is a social and behavioral health insights researcher. She graduated with my PhD in Health Promotion and Health Behavior in June 2023. She has 5+ years of experience in conducting quantitative and qualitative research, starting from… see full profile
  • Rebecca Amantia, PhD, MPH

    Rebecca’s research interests focus on health and human rights. Previous research includes government efforts towards the prevention of human trafficking and protection for victims/survivors. Current research focuses on humanitarian crisis response… see full profile
  • Julia Drizin, PhD '22

    Behavioral scientist and mixed methods user researcher with demonstrated expertise in patient-centered research, usability testing, insights communication, project management, and workshop facilitation. Driven by my desire to understand people's… see full profile
  • Sydelle N. Harrison, PhD, MPH

    Sydelle Harrison’s research interests aim to identify and address gaps in public health translation at the Tribal level in the Pacific Northwest. Her current community-based research focuses on investigation of indigenous environmental health… see full profile
  • Ellie Smith, PhD