MPH Biostatistics Option

If you enjoy applying math to real-world problems, working across a variety of disciplines, finding patterns in data and contributing to wide-ranging public health research, biostatistics is for you.

This growing field, which is the basis of all public health and medical research, uses statistics to understand public health and health care problems. As a student, you will learn to collect, organize and analyze data, then recommend decisions based on that analysis.


How To Apply

Graduate student admissions contains instructions for each step of the application process.

Biostatistics applicants must have successfully completed a calculus sequence including multivariable differential and integral calculus. Students who have not successfully completed this coursework prior to admission will be required to take prerequisite coursework during their first year.


Program Handbooks and Competencies


Master of Public Health

Master of Public Health (MPH) with an option in Biostatistics.


Further Information