Accelerated EOH master’s program

Environmental and Occupational Heath

If you’re currently working toward a minor in environmental and occupational health, you could earn an accelerated MPH.

In the Accelerated Master’s Platform (AMP), you can take graduate classes in public health, apply those credits to minor requirements, and also transfer them to the MPH in environmental and occupational health graduate program. Up to 12 graduate credits will count toward a bachelor’s degree and transfer to the MPH.


Participating programs


Applications and advising

You are eligible to apply for the accelerated graduate program if you are working toward a minor in EOH (any major) and have a minimum GPA of 3.25 or greater.

Perry Hystad, Ph.D. is the AMP coordinator for EOH.


Courses included in AMP


Admission Requirements

  • An OSU GPA of at least 3.25.
  • Junior status in an undergraduate degree program with an EOH minor
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resume
  • Three letters of reference
  • Proposed plan of study (what courses will be taken at graduate level)


Admission Process

  • Student application deadline for the AMP: Feb 1
  • Complete the online application via the Graduate School. (Contact David Cortez, MEd to get the application code.)
  • Admission is selective; not all applicants who meet the minimum requirements will be accepted.



Junior year

  • Typically the year you apply to AMP.
  • Meet with AMP coordinator to work out proposed plan of study and apply.


Senior year

  • Typically the first year in AMP.
  • Earn graduate credits (12 credits can be transferred to the MPH program) and complete your BS degree.