EOH PhD student directory


PhD student directory

Environmental and Occupational Health

The following students have chosen to share their research and study interests. This directory does not represent every doctoral student in the program.

  • Simon Appah Aram

    Simon's expertise in Ghana's artisanal and small-scale gold mining has shaped his research focus on the health implications of environmental contaminants, especially heavy metals and emerging substances such as PFAS.

  • Sigride Jenniska Asseko, MPA, MA

    Sigride’s research focuses on air quality and its impacts on human health, particularly respiratory and neurological outcomes.

  • Allen Chan, MS

    Allen's research focuses on approaching occupational health and safety questions or problems from a Total Worker Health (TWH) perspective, which recognizes that work is a social determinant of health and that the health and safety of workers is… see full profile

  • Francesca Germano, MS

    Francesca's academic interests are environmental justice and discrimination remediation.

  • Mina Salehi Sedeh

    Mina’s research focuses on Occupational Ergonomics and Biomechanics and musculoskeletal disorders prevention among workers. Her particular area of interest is the application of deep learning approaches to present a non-invasive ergonomics risk… see full profile


This directory does not represent every alumni from the program.

  • Faye V. Andrews, PhD, MPH '21

    Faye worked in local and state public health prior to her doctoral degree where she began to develop interests in how populations were exposed to multiple toxicants and the potential impacts on population health. Faye plans to research how mixtures… see full profile
  • Solaiman Doza, PhD '23

    I have been working as a public health professional for nearly 10 years and conducted several community-based health studies which assessed harmful exposures as well as low-cost interventions to reduce exposure levels. I implemented various… see full profile
  • Richie E. Evoy, PhD '20

    Currently working for the NIOSH Western States Division as an occupational health epidemiologist. My work with NIOSH is geared towards occupational health and safety issues in the maritime and aviation industries, and Alaska worker health. I… see full profile
  • Stephanie A. Foster, PhD '23

    Stephanie's research focused on water quality issues and how they are associated with human health outcomes, particularly immunological outcomes. Maternal and child health was her area of particular interest.
  • Ying Wang, PhD

    Ying studies air pollution and health in developing countries, both indoor and outdoor. Her research focuses on protecting human beings from negative health impacts from environmental pollutants, including air pollutants such as PM and black carbon… see full profile