Environmental and Occupational Health

Create healthy and safe ways to live and work

Make environments healthier – in the workplace or across the globe

People live and work in environments containing physical, chemical and workplace hazards that can make them sick. Environmental and occupational health professionals help identify, assess and control these hazards.

From looking at the effects of air pollution on overall health to creating innovative solutions to help reduce whole body vibrations in heavy machinery drivers, our world-class researchers and learners make a difference.

In our program, you will gain the knowledge and real-world experience needed to succeed in this field. It begins by choosing a specialized course of study based on your interests and career aspirations.

Our graduates go on to work in various roles, including workplace safety managers and consultants, environmental epidemiologists and environmental health specialists. They work in a variety of settings around the world — from private industries in Oregon to rural health care clinics in Bangladesh.

Immerse yourself in the discipline and gain the opportunity to solve the environmental health problems of individuals, communities, industries and regulatory agencies.