Title Publication Date
Oregon Child Care Alliance Evaluation 02/2023
Year 1 of the Early Childhood Equity Fund Evaluation: Laying the Groundwork for Understanding and Documenting the Effectiveness of Culturally Specific Services 09/2021
Full-day Kindergarten Study 10/2020
Strengthening Children's Roots of Resilience with Trauma-Responsive Early Care and Education 10/2019
Early Success in Prenatal-Grade 3 Family Engagement; Building Successful P-3 Initiatives: Foundations and Catalysts 09/2018
Oregon’s Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS) Validation Study One: Associations with Observed Program Quality 11/2016
Contracted Slots Pilot Program Evaluation: Final Report 11/2015
Contracted Slots Pilot Program Evaluation: Year 1 Director's Survey 12/2014
Does policy matter? The effect of increasing child care subsidy policy generosity on program outcomes. 06/2014
Betty Gray Community Early Childhood Training and Certification Scholarship Program Evaluation 01/2014
Betty Gray Community College Scholarship Program Evaluation 10/2013
Contracted Slots Pilot Program Evaluation: Initial Director's Survey 05/2013
Struggling to Pay the Bills: Using Mixed-Methods to Understand Families' Financial Stress and Child Care Costs 06/2012
Assessing the Impacts of Oregon’s 2007 Changes to Child-Care Subsidy Policy 01/2011
Why Do They Leave? Child Care Subsidy Use in Oregon 03/2006
The Dynamics of Child Care Subsidy Use: A Collaborative Study of Five States. 07/2002
Parents Receiving Child Care Subsidies: Where Do They Work? 2001 10/2001