Shannon T. Lipscomb (a)
Roberta B. Weber (a)
Beth T. Green (b)
Lindsey B. Patterson (b)
Organizational Affiliation(s): 
Oregon State University (a)
Portland State University (b)
Publication Date: 
November, 2016

Nationally, Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS) have emerged from concerns that large portions of American early care and education (ECE) programs were not of high enough quality to support children’s development. Oregon launched its QRIS in 2013. The study described in this report is the first of two studies on the validity of Oregon’s QRIS. This study uses a measure of the observed quality of adult-child interactions as a benchmark against which to compare QRIS ratings. In addition to an Executive Summary, you can access two versions of the study. The first does not include the appendices and the second version does.

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