Oregon Early Learners Facts & Findings

2018 Quick Access to Current Facts & Findings on Oregon Early Care & Education.

Quick Access to Current Facts & Findings (pdf)

In a single click you can now access the basic facts about early learning in Oregon. We use the term early learner with the most inclusive meaning possible. It includes children prenatal through 3rd grade and all aspects of development and the wide range of programs that serve them. For over 25 years, Oregon researchers and partners have studied early learning in the State. Although each partner published their findings, readers had to know how to get them. Now you can access facts and findings in one place.

Terms used to describe early care and education can be confusing. Thus, Oregon partners have created a glossary so that you can easily find a description of a terms used in Oregon in the Oregon Glossary (pdf). Descriptions of terms used more broadly can be found in the National Glossary provided by Early Care and Education Research Connections.

On this site you can access basic information about:


Early Learning

Families Served

Find demographic information on Oregon children and families in this section. In addition, you will find data on services delivered to children and families by Oregon’s Early Learning Division. View Children and Families Served.

Early Learning Workforce

Learn about the size and characteristics of the early learning workforce including education levels, race/ethnicity, and turnover rates. View Early Learning Workforce.

Early Care & Education

Profiles of the state and each county capture the most salient characteristics of early care and education including availability and affordability of early care and education. View Early Care and Education.

Quality of Early Learning

A Spark rating provides important information on the quality of early learning program that have voluntarily agreed to have their program assessed.You will also find limited data on the quality of all regulated programs. View Quality of Early Learning.

Early Learning Research

Early Learning Research

Partners conduct research and evaluation studies on Oregon children, families, providers, and the programs that serve them. View Early Learning Research.

Oregon Early Learning Glossary


The language used by those working within early learning can be confusing. Use the Oregon Early Learning Glossary (pdf) to find commonly used terms and their definitions.