PAC 247 Surfing

Fundamental skills and knowledge refined; beginner skills developed. The purpose of this course is to learn the fundamentals of the sport of surfing, including the history of the sport, so that students will have the knowledge and experience needed to make intelligent decisions regarding present and future surfing sessions. The intent of the PAC Program is to provide quality instruction in safe, adequately equipped facilities and to create a positive, enjoyable environment for learning. Given the increased popularity of surfing in the media and world wide, it is inevitable that each of us, along the way, has been exposed to different ideas about the sport of surfing and will come to class with varying preconceived notions about surfing and surfing experiences.  Many of us do not, or have not, critically or closely assessed our own views of surfing, the accuracy of our skills and techniques, or the safety procedures required for surfing the Oregon coast.

Additional fee.

PREREQS: Equivalent to PAC 250 Swim 1. Students must pass a swim test in the pool before going into the ocean.