Steps To Get Registered

You may not add this class after the first Friday of each term.


1. GPA Check

Send an e-mail to Dr. Jennifer Beamer with your student ID number and the term you’d like to begin the practicum series.

NOTE: You must meet the GPA requirements listed below to be authorized to register for the course. A response by e-mail will let you know whether you qualify.


OSU = 2.00 | KIN = 2.5 | PETE = 2.25


2. Complete Background Check

Go to 104 Furman Hall to complete a Criminal History Verification (CHV). This clearance costs five dollars (cash/check only) and lasts one year. These forms are then sent to the Oregon Department of Education, with enough time for us to receive clearances before the class begins on the first day of the term. This should be done by Friday of Week 9 (all terms) during the term prior to your intended start.


3. Register

Once you are authorized to register, go to online registration. The course will show “closed”, select ADD and enter the CRN. If you have been authorized to sign up for the course, you will be able to register


4. Check CANVAS

By Monday of Week 1 (all terms), check CANVAS for your tentative assigned school/teacher. Contact this teacher
via e-mail and/or school phone to ask if they will accept you as an OSU PETE practicum student. Meet your teacher, arrange a schedule, and begin working with your assigned teacher. Bring your complete Practicum School Schedule to Class on Friday of Week 1. Contact Jennifer Beamer with questions.


5. School Locations

Whenever possible you will be placed in Albany, Corvallis, or Philomath. DO NOT Contact a teacher on your own until you have been authorized to do so.


6. First Class Friday, Week 1 in WB 3:

Bring a copy of your PETE- Public School Schedule to the first PETE Practicum Class Meeting to turn in.