Prerequisite and co-requisite courses

H410 Public Health Undergraduate Internships


H407: Seminar

2 Credits

Prerequisite to H410 for all Public Health undergraduate majors

This seminar to prepare students for their internship in public health. The focus is on professionalism, leadership skills, identifying strengths, and transitioning from college to graduate school or the working world.

  • Offered Fall, Winter and Spring terms as a hybrid, meeting once a week in person
  • Ecampus section is offered Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer Terms
  • Need to be junior standing and a Public Health major

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H476: Planning and Evaluating Health Promotion Programs

4 Credits

Prerequisite to H410 for only the Health Promotion and Health Behavior Option

A systematic approach to planning, implementing and evaluating health promotion programs in a variety of health related settings. Students will be writing a series of drafts to effectively develop a health promotion program plan. (Writing Intensive Course).

  • Ecampus and on campus offerings
  • Not offered every term
  • H225, H320, H376 and junior standing are prerequisites

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H436: Advanced Topics in Healthcare Management

3 credits

Prerequisite to H410
Can be a co-requisite, taken with H410

Covers how health services are governed and organized; how health care organizations assess and adapt to change; constraints/opportunities in shaping organizational performance; leadership; strategic decision-making and the use of evidence-based management in health care.

  • Ecampus and on campus offerings
  • Not offered every term
  • H210, H250 are prerequisites

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