Team TRY-Athlon

Faculty and Staff Fitness

June 12, 2024

The TRY-Athlon is a team-building event that brings faculty and staff together to compete for the title of TRY-Athalon Power Team Champion.

While there is a competition portion of the event, the main focus on the event is getting people moving and building Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies, and Healthy Teams.


June 12, 2024

Event check-in


Check-in: 11 a.m.
Event: 11:20 a.m.


Check-in: 12 p.m.
Event: 12:15 p.m.


For each team, there must be a max of 6 participants per event.

Each event team will be represented by 1 Captain plus 5 additional teammates for an event: Swim, Walk or Run. 

Teams may compete in the Power category: A) 1 Captain + (up to 11) teammates compete in Swim + Run only OR B) 1 Captain + (up to 11) teammates compete in Swim + Walk only

This event is open to Faculty, Staff, Retirees, Spouses/Partners, GTAs/GRAs of Oregon State University.


The cost for the event is $5 per person per event. A person could participate in the pool for the swim for one event, plus on the field, walk or run for the other.


The swim portion of the event will take place at the Langton Pool and the walk/run portion will take place on Student Legacy Park (across from Dixon Recreation Center).

Other details

The event itself will be a 20-minute relay. The team with the most combined laps for each event wins the activity category.

Power Teams will compete against other Power Teams.

All participants will also have the opportunity to win prizes from a drawing supported by our sponsors.


Captains contact the Physical Activity Office first to add your team as a registration option.


Email [email protected]


   Individual registration


Want to be involved in another way?
You can participate by volunteering.

Pool Volunteer: 11-12 pm
Field Volunteer: 12-1 pm

   Volunteer registration

More info

For more information visit us on Facebook.
If you have any other questions please contact the Physical Activity Office.
Email: [email protected] Phone: 541-737-3222
or stop by our office at 123 Langton Hall.

2019 Results


  1. PAC Allstars- 52 Laps
  2. Scrambled Legs- 52 Laps
  3. Burpee Outbreak- 52 Laps
  4. Team Library- 44 Laps


  1. Fiesta Before Siesta- 72 Laps
  2. Scrambled Legs- 68 Laps
  3. PAC Allstars- 68 Laps
  4. Kickin the Steps- 68 Laps 
  5. Realign- 65 Laps


  1. Master Swim I & II- 76 Laps
  2. PAC Allstars- 69 Laps
  3. Olympic Hopefulls- 55 Laps
  4. Open Team (David Dickson solo)- 42 Laps