Bill Winkler 1933-2016



Bill Winkler 1933-2016

Coach, mentor, teacher, and valued emeritus associate professor Bill Winkler founded OSU’s Faculty Staff Fitness program in 1984.

I want to take this time and space to honor Bill Winkler. 

Many of you have sent emails to me when I announced his passing and so with your thoughts and mine we will pay tribute to Bill Winkler and his legacy at Oregon State University.

Bill was one of a kind, a wonderful friend and mentor.  “He could hear your name once and tell you accurately almost immediately thereafter more about yourself and your extended family than you yourself would ever know.  How’s that work?”

“He was a good and trusted friend.  He had that effect on people.”  “He was my hero.  He taught me so much and made exercise fun.”  “How fortunate are those who got to know him well over the years.  Bill was amazing and an inspiration to many.”

“Bill was an incredible coach, mentor and friend.”  “Indeed…what a powerful legacy Bill left at OSU.  I do not think any of us who knew him will forget his, face/voice/wit/encouragement.  Totally committed to all of us.”

“Bill was an inspirational delight during our beginning years in Faculty Staff Fitness.  He is one of our fondest memories during our time at OSU.”

Bill Winkler = LEGACY

L leader,  E encourager,  G giving,  A accomplished,  C comedian,  Y youthful

I was to follow in Bill’s footsteps but his footsteps were so big, so he came beside me as my mentor and friend.  He helped me continue his dream.  Now we celebrate 32 years in Faculty Staff Fitness, a benefit to all at Oregon State University.  Thank you Bill.  We are all much richer having known you and know that this is certainly the case for virtually everyone else that chose to join the extensive family he developed through the Faculty Staff Fitness program. 

Bill Winkler one of the true “Greats” of OSU.

- Rochelle Schwab

Many of you have asked how you can contribute to the program in honor of Bill. Contributions to his legacy in Faculty Staff Fitness can be made through this link to the OSU Foundation.