Activity Class Schedule, Spring Term 2021

2021 FSF Spring Schedule (pdf)

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Term begins: Monday, March 29, 2021
No class: Monday May 31, 2021
Term ends: Friday, June 4, 2021

We want to personally thank you for supporting OSU Faculty Staff Fitness and believing in us during this pandemic. We couldn’t do it without you. By signing up, we can keep our instructors paid and our program going. It’s an added bonus for you to keep moving!

Many classes have changes.

Please read all information carefully.

  • Please adhere to social distancing, masks, and cleaning protocols that will be sent to you prior to class start.
  • Your instructor will be the leader for your best safety from COVID-19.
  • COVID Class Guidance and Policies.


We have NEW pricing

It has been several years since we have evaluated our prices. With the increasing cost of running a business and double cost of instructors and lifeguards in aquatics, we have made some changes. Post-pandemic, swim prices will lower to aqua aerobics pricing. Thank you for understanding.

Land classes (all classes not in the pools): General Pricing: One-day-per-week=$45, any combo of two days-per-week=$65, any combo of three-days-per-week=$80

Aqua Aerobics: General Pricing: One-day-per-week=$50, any combo of two days-per-week=$70, any combo of three-days-per-week=$85

Swimming: One-day-per-week=$60, any combo of two days-per-week=$105,
any combo of three-days-per-week=$120