Faculty Staff Fitness Participant Comments

Participant Comments

Faculty Staff Fitness

What are people saying about their favorite classes?

"For me, the FSF program (particularly the swim workouts) have encouraged me to improve my health through participation in a challenging, friendly, and convenient fitness program.  My improved physical condition benefits the university because I am more productive." ~anonymous

"FSF classes (i.e. swim skills) is the best thing about working at OSU.  When I first came to OSU and to Corvallis it was a bit lonely and attending FSF classes gave me a sense of community that I have never had before.  Swim class is the higlight of my day." ~anonymous

"As a tenure track professor at OSU, the yoga with FSF is an important part of my physical and mental well being.  I think I am a healthier and happier person thanks to the class.  Therefore, I am a better professor." ~anonymous

"I find the FSF class I am taking is EXTREMELY important to my health.  I have back problems and my "Therapeutic Swim" class helps in relieving pain in my lower back.  It is helping me build stronger muscles and reduce weight.  The end result is I'm a much happier person." ~anonymous

"I have taken the faculty aerobics classes for years and find the classes help me to stay in shape and help me relax so I am more productive the rest of the day at work.  Excellent instruction always." ~anonymous

What are people saying about the FSF program?

"As a new arrival at OSU, I am absolutely thrilled to have access to such wonderful instructors and classes....FSF has been my salvation!" ~Sarina Rodrigues, Assistant Professor in Psychology

"FSF is the best deal going.  At a gym, an organized fitness class with a trainer provided would cost two or three times that amount. Thanks for offering the program to us." ~ Scott Akins, Assistant Professor in Sociology.

"It is of utmost value to me as it motivates me to keep in shape physically and supports me emotionally.  It is an example of something at OSU that works and is done right.  It is one of the few perks for working here."  ~anonymous

"I think it is an excellent program and provides a non-intimidating environment for people to exercise.  I thoroughly enjoy circuit training and am impressed by the diversity of ages and people that attend the classes.  Definitely a good program." ~anonymous

"As for myself, I enjoy the FSF program because it makes "taking care of myself" that much easier.  Since I work on campus having a fitness program right where I work eliminates one more excuse I could come up with to not workout."  ~ anonymous

"I feel that we are REALLY fortunate to have such a quality faculty staff fitness program.  I wish it was more widely appreciated.  To me personally it has provided inexpensive and convenient access to HIGH quality fitness opportunities." ~anonymous

"I enjoy participating in the program.  It is especially important to me during the winter months.  The program is less expensive than joining a gym and having to pay monthly membership fees." ~anonymous

"FSF provides my main source of vigorous physical activity.  I also value the time spent with colleagues from around the university, whom I would likely not otherwise meet." ~ anonymous

"FSF is a very valuable part of my working life.  It helps me stay healthy and makes me more productive.  In addition, it allows me an opportunity to interact with people from all over campus and to make connections that I would not otherwise be able to do." ~anonymous