Juggling a job and family can sometimes make activities like working out seem like a chore. But Oregon State University’s one-of-a-kind Faculty Staff Fitness program makes working out fun – and convenient – for everyone.

Housed in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences, the Faculty Staff Fitness program is designed to accommodate everyone — from beginners to the highly trained. It provides a year-round opportunity to focus on fitness, embrace wellness, make connections, enjoy easy accessibility and earn the long-term rewards of leading an active lifestyle.

To find out more about the Faculty Staff Fitness program read Get fit at work through Faculty Staff Fitness.


Who is eligible to participate in FSF programming

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • GTAs/GRAs
  • Spouse/Partners of faculty/staff
  • Retired OSU staff/faculty
  • Affiliates of the university


Are you currently involved in FSF but retiring soon? Congratulations! Make sure to send us an e-mail at FSF before your last day so we can update your account to your personal e-mail before you lose access to your @oregonstate.edu e-mail address.


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  • Current Office Hours: 8-5 pm Monday-Thursday, 8-3 pm Friday, with minimal interruption. Call us at 541.737.3222.
  • Annual Registration: All registrations will be term-by-term and not on an annual basis. We have not been allowing discounts for annual registration for a while. 
  • Policy Updates effective 9/1/2017 can be found here
  • Call for FSF Award Nominations- Is there an FSF Instructor or Participant you want to recognize for doing an outstanding job? If so, please nominate them for an FSF award here, or stop by the bulletin board outside the office to pick up a paper nomination form.