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Adult Learn to Swim

FSF Adult Learn to Swim helps individuals become more comfortable around the water and to provide them with the necessary skills for survival swim.

Open to all OSU Faculty, Staff, and Students.

Cost: $10

April 12th, 14th, 19th, 21st
Tues./Thurs. 5-5:45 p.m.
Langton pool (map)

3 ways to register

  • Click the big orange register button
  • Call 541-737-3222
  • Or stop by Langton 123 to register in person

Questions, email or call 541-737-3222


 Towels not provided, please bring one from home or rent a basket/locker and add towel service for the term (Registration Item: Spring Term Rental).

Success stories from the pool

More than 15 participants learned to swim during last year’s inaugural program at OSU, including a handful of international students. All students who completed the program are now able to swim 25 yards on their own and some are now participating in water sports and have conquered a fear that once kept them out of the water.

“Although all my friends and siblings could swim, I never learned to swim when I was young,” says Gaby, a student who participated in last year’s program.

“When we got older, they would go in the deep end and I couldn't follow them and had to hang out in the kiddie pool.

Learning to swim has helped me hang with my peers and not feel embarrassed in the pool. I even signed up for this class with two other girlfriends so we could all learn to swim together.”

“In India where I am from, we were never really exposed to water in my family,” says Prajwal, a 28-year-old PhD student.

“Then twice, I almost drowned. I decided to take this class to conquer my fear.”

OSU’s ALTS coordinator and instructor, Drew Ibarra, says it brings him great joy to see individuals dedicate themselves to accomplishing a goal and then succeed.

“I love that we provide physical activity programming in so many different areas for students and faculty, and the ALTS program is one area I feel we truly help to provide a service to the institution and community,” says Drew, who is also director of the college’s academic physical activity program.

“Through the curriculum, our instructors are changing individuals’ lives not only by opening a door into an area they never thought they could succeed, but also helping address the public health issue of drowning. We are very grateful for the USMS’ support, which has allowed us to expand this program and reach more people.”

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