Oregon Child Care Market Price Study 2020

Oregon Child Care Market Price Study 2020

Megan Pratt
Laurie Houston
Michaella Sektnan
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Oregon State University
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The Oregon Market Price Study identifies child care prices and the geographic distribution of these prices across the state. Prices vary by several factors including the age of the child served, type of care (family child care, center, certified family care), the local supply and demand for child care, pricing modes (hourly, monthly, etc), and facilities’ perceptions of the capacity of families to pay for care. This study fulfills the federal requirement that the state complete a market price survey every two years.

2020 Findings

  • Between 2000 and 2020 statewide prices for toddlers increased 66% for center care, 30% for small home-based care, and 28% for large home-based care.
  • Child care markets are local with variation among communities.

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