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OPEC Hubs are the “go-to” place for parenting classes, events, and resources in your community. Every OPEC Hubs connects families with in-person and/or remote parenting classes, workshops, resources, and family events in all 36 Oregon counties and Siskiyou County, California. 

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Effective parenting education programs have been linked with reduced family stress; better physical, cognitive and emotional development in children; increased parental knowledge of child development and parenting skills; kindergarten and school readiness; and decreased rates of child abuse and neglect.

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OPEC publishes monthly articles and newsletters for families in English and Spanish. These cover the latest parenting resources, translates important research into practical tips, and shares culturally-specific information.

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Annual Book Lists

Each year, OPEC compiles a list of the English and Spanish children's books highlighted and recommended in our publications. 

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