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Parenting education professionals play a key role in supporting the well-being of families in ways that are culturally responsive and inclusive. As a community of parenting education professionals, we offer opportunities for networking, training, and support, and promote the value of our practice.

Parenting Educator Supports by OPEC

OPEC Professional Development System

The OPEC Professional Development System is a free, robust online system for parenting education professionals. As the starting point for many parenting educators, an account in our system will allow you to register for OPEC professional development events, see a directory of parenting educators, see new jobs in the field, maintain a portfolio of professional development work, and apply for a Parenting Education Recognition Award. Create an account today!

OPEC Professional Development System

OPEC Training Academy

Through the OPEC Professional Development System, register for and access recordings of free trainings for parenting education professionals. Opportunities include:

  • Training Academy workshops
  • Connect & Learn cohorts
  • Other regional and online trainings 

All trainings offered in the Training Academy are free and available to all parenting educators in Oregon and Siskiyou County, CA.

Learn more about the OPEC Training Academy

Essentials of Parenting Education Professional Practice

In this free online course hosted on Canvas and created by OPEC and Oregon State University, students will learn the foundations of professional practice for parenting educators, equivalent to four hours of training

Enroll in Course

To receive a certificate of completion that is recognized by The Oregon Registry and The Oregon Home Visiting Workforce, students must view all content and pass each quiz in the 7-module course. Students can also access individual modules for targeted learning or review. However, in order to receive a certificate, you will need to access the full course and pass each module quiz. 

User Guide and Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)

Oregon Parenting Educators Conference

This annual professional development event is for all professionals working with families, including parenting educators, early childhood educators and providers, home visitors, social workers, program administrators, and more. Learn more about the annual Oregon Parenting Educators Conference and save the date!

Evaluation and Program Fidelity

OPEC Grantees are required to use evidence-based curricula series and implement them with fidelity. To accomplish this goal, OPEC has developed a suite of resources for evaluation and reporting. Additionally, OPEC has free resources educators and organizations can use to learn more about parenting education curricula and fidelity

For New Parenting Educators

Additional Resources for Parenting Educators

Training Opportunities - Self-Paced


Training Opportunities - Live classes


Articles, tip sheets, and more

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