Early Care and Education in Oregon and Its Counties

Oregon Child Care Supply

View a report about Oregon’s child care deserts that maps supply by child age group, metropolitan status, and percentage of publicly funded slots.

Early Care and Education Profiles

View a profile of key characteristics of child care and education in Oregon or interact with a map filled with data on child care and education facilities and the communities in which they are located.

State profile



View profiles of child care and education in individual counties or on data on the quality of regulated child care and education programs in that county.


Early Learning Hubs

View data on the quality of child care and education programs in an Early Learning Hub.


Past profiles are located at the bottom of this page.


    Interactive Map

    This interactive map enables the user to create a profile of a geographic are of interest. These profiles include child care capacity and type in relation to census tracts, elementary school attendance boundaries, and school districts. Data on social services and other resources are also available on the map.The map is designed to combine data from a variety of sources in order to explore child care and early education in any part of the state.


    Child Care Subsidy Program

    View data on children served by the subsidy program or on the programs that serve them.


    Child Care Prices

    Every two years Oregon does a study of child care prices which vary by:  age of child, type of care, and geographic location of the program.


    Past Profiles