Courses and registration resources for COH graduate students

Courses and registration resources

Current graduate students

College of Health

View information on graduate courses and registration, such as:


View the registrar's registration page for information including eligibility to register, priority registration phases, MyOregonState, schedule planning, registration access for students with disabilities, late registration, and more.


Sometimes you will have difficulty registering for a class because of capacity or other issues. If a class is full, first contact the instructor to see if they willing to let you enroll. If they give approval, email [email protected] to make the override request. After the override is given, you may register for the course.

Add/drop courses

Add/drop a class or change credits after the second week of classes

Review common registration actions on adding, dropping, and withdrawing from classes.

In fall, winter, and spring terms, you may add or drop classes at will up until the end of the first week of classes.

During the second week you will need an override, which requires instructor approval before you can join the class.

Beginning week 3, if you wish to add or drop classes, or change the number of credits of a blanket course, you must fill out the petition for late change of registration form. You will be charged $20 for each change.

Summer term has different deadlines than the rest of the academic year. Refer to summer session schedule and deadlines.

Register for a blanket course

A blanket course has a zero as the middle number (e.g. H 501, KIN 506). These classes require an override before you can register, and before the override can be given you must fill out the To Be Arranged (TBA) form. Complete the form and get the signatures of the course instructor and your advisor. Send the form to [email protected].

Graduate quantitative methods courses

The quantitative courses listed are based on a broad definition of what constitutes a quantitative course. For example, courses could focus on quantitative methods, including study design and analytical methods, while other courses might include hands on quantitative data analysis.