Human Services

HDFS undergraduate option

Enhance quality of life for all

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Fulfill your desire to help others

Be the reason someone gets access to the social services they need. Or advocate for those overlooked. 

With the human services option, within the human development and family sciences major at Oregon State, you’ll help individuals, families and communities survive and thrive.

    With the human services degree option, you’ll ...

    • Develop cultural competency to engage in ethical helping practices that promote human dignity, social justice and empowerment.
    • Discover effective helping skills such as empathy, rapport building and active listening.
    • Learn about barriers and access to social and human services.
    • Complete at least two internship experiences in the human services field.

    Picture life as an human services student.

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    Required classes for the human services option.

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    Human services internship

    All human services students complete two internships while earning college credit. Learn more

    What will you do with the human services degree option?

    Human services is a broad field with a variety of career opportunities. All are concerned with meeting human needs and improving quality of life on an individual and community level.

    Once you graduate, you will be prepared to pursue career and/or graduate work in fields such as human development and family sciences, counseling, marriage and family therapy, nonprofit administration, social work and more.


    Start with the human services option and become:

    *These roles may require post-baccalaureate/graduate/professional education to qualify.

    • Private or public human service agency employee
    • Personnel officer
    • Crisis intervention worker
    • Adoption agency counselor
    • Youth program specialist
    • Neighborhood outreach worker
    • Activity director
    • Housing service worker
    • Emergency relief worker
    • Coordinator of volunteers
    • Residential treatment center worker
    • Social worker*
    • Caseworker
    • Marriage and family counselor

    Morgan Miller, ’20

    “For as long as I can remember I have known that my niche in the world is to help those around me, especially those who are particularly vulnerable to poverty, sickness, discrimination and other life difficulties.

    “As soon as I discovered human development and family sciences and the human services option, I knew I had found my place at OSU. My major was such a great fit that it seemed like it was created for me.”

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